Evandale Gardens Product Catalogue 2019 / 2020

Thanks for your interest in our 2019 / 2020 product catalogue. The team at Evandale Gardens hope you find this a useful resource - please note that all new plant lines for the upcoming seasons are highlighted throughout. 

If you're a garden centre buyer or plant retailer that wishes to stock our products, please contact Jess in sales.

If you're a gardener wanting to purchase one of our products, please visit your nearest retailer - if the plant you're after isn't in stock please ask them to order it on your behalf.

For all other queries, please don't hesitate to contact us today. 

Please note: all details in this catalogue are correct at the time of printing (August 2019). Evandale Gardens reserves the right to change, cancel or discontinue lines at any time. Availability months are a guide only. 

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